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Why should you purchase term life insurance from our agency?

Our Agency gives you the information you need to make your term life insurance decision with confidence. We provide you information from the leading life insurance companies. We provide instant term life insurance quotes, online insurance applications, and online customer service. We give you simple instructions, and competent and qualified staff to respond to your needs over the net or over the phone.

It has never been easier to purchase term life insurance. For more information please visit Our Company page. Our extraordinary carrier database means more choices for you and you can rest assured that you can purchase for the lowest premiums available.


Term life insurance defined

Term life insurance is an insurance policy covering a person's life for a specified number of years. It is often offered with a guaranteed premium for a particular number of years. Term life does not have accumulated cash value. Accumulated cash value generally is the distinction between term life insurance and whole life or universal life insurance. Cash value policies are initially much more expensive than term life insurance policies for the same amount of coverage.


Choosing a term life insurance company

Term life insurance is very much like many common commodities in the market place. It is a product that varies very little from company to company. Generally the biggest difference in the product is the price. So that you can choose between many different companies and see the price difference, we provide you a comparison of approximately 25 of the best rates for your age from America's 175 top-rated companies.

Our Agency only quotes from companies with an A.M. Best rating of A- or better. As a result you will be selecting from insurance companies that have been assigned a superior rating of A- or better from the leading independent insurance company rating service... A. M. Best. All you have to do is to decide the amount of life insurance you need and how much you want to pay


How much life insurance do I need?

Our Agency understands that each person has individual insurance needs. There is no set rule as to how much insurance you need to purchase. You need to decide how much life insurance you want to leave your dependents to carry on in your absence. You have to decide how much support you wish to provide. Many financial planning experts recommend 10 to 20 times your annual earnings. For business life insurance the amount is often even more. For many the answer is simply the amount makes you feel your family is safe.

Life Insurance Calculator

The annual replacement income your family will need if the insured dies prematurely (before-tax).

The number of years replacement income is needed by the beneficiaries.

Estimated average annual interest rate that can be earned on invested life insurance proceeds.

The Estimated average annual inflation rate. (Historic rate for last 10 years has been approx. 3 %)

The amount of life insurance needed based on your estimate is...






What is Level Rate Guarantee?

A level rate guarantee simply means that your premium will not change for a guaranteed period of time. This period of time generally ranges from 5 to 30 years. Our Agency recommends that you purchase a level rate guarantee for the period of time that you intend to keep the policy in force.


What premium payment options do I have?

Our online quotes are for annual term life insurance premiums. Annual term life insurance premiums are the lowest rates the insurance company offers. However, you may instead pay for your term life insurance premiums on a check-a-matic (monthly), quarterly, or semi-annual basis. These payment options are slightly more expensive than those on an annual basis.


How long will this take?

The insurance company cannot begin underwriting your policy until you have completed your free medical exam and they have received your signed application. Generally it takes three to four weeks to complete this process. If the insurance company has to get your doctor's records it will generally take 4 to 7 weeks since the insurance company has to depend upon your doctor's promptness in providing them the records they need.



What is Term Life Insurance? Why purchase Term Insurance?
Can the rates increase? Is Term Insurance convertible?
How much coverage do I need? How long should my coverage be?

 What is Term Life Insurance
-Term Life Insurance provides temporary coverage for a specified period of time, in increments of years. Usually these periods are from 5,10,15,20, even 30 year term products are available, but be sure to understand the guarantee period for any policy purchased. See: "Can the rates increase?" below.

The beneficiary receives the death benefit if the insured dies while the policy is in-force; no benefit is paid if the insured survives to the end of the term. Policies do not build up cash value, so if the policy is surrendered, the policyholder does not receive any cash value.

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Why purchase Term Insurance?
-Term policies are designed to meet a specific need for a stated period of time. They are sometimes purchased to supplement permanent insurance. Term insurance is useful for pure protection needed for a definite period at a low cost.

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Can the rates increase?
The Triple X legislation adopted by most states January 1, 2000, has changed the rates and guarantees on term insurance as we knew it before Dec. 31, 1999. While many companies are still getting their Triple X compliant products approved through the states, many have come out with these products and the insurance consumer should have a complete understanding of the product before they make that purchase.

Premiums remain level on guaranteed term insurance. Initial premium rates for term coverage may be lower than those for permanent insurance products because of the limited periods of protection and absence of cash value, but the premiums can escalate upon renewal, as the insured gets older or as the duration of the term increases past the guaranteed period.

The products being offered that we sell range from full guarantees on 10, 15, and 20-years at competitive rates to mid-range guarantees and short term guarantees.

The mid-range guarantees generally include 5 and 10-year level premium plans with rates guaranteed level for only the first five years. 15, 20, and 30-year level-premium plans with rates guaranteed level the first 10 years.

The short-term guarantees are on term products for 5, 10, 15 and 20-year level-premium plans with rates guaranteed level the first 3 years only.

Every company's products will differ, so be sure to read the illustration provided.

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Is a Term Insurance policy Convertible?
-A feature of some term insurance policies is "convertibility". This allows the policy owner to convert the term policy to a permanent insurance policy that builds up cash value. Generally, no additional underwriting is required to exercise this option.

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How much coverage do I need?
-Our experience is that people typically are securing term insurance to either cover a personal or business loan, or to replace family income in the event of premature death.
If for a loan, the balance due determines the amount of coverage needed.
If to replace family income, the proceeds should be enough to take care of your family. With the insurance proceeds and prudent investing, your family would be able to replace your annual income. Many experts advise at least three to five times your annual earnings.

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How long should my coverage be for?
-The answer is a highly personal one, and will vary depending on your health, your age, and your current and expected financial situation. Term insurance will cover you only for a period of time. The policies can have a good rate for the guarantee period of 5,10,15,20, or 30 years. After that you will have to re-qualify to have the policy renewed for another term period. That new term period will usually be at a higher rate, based on your current age and health. If something has gone wrong with your health during that term of time, then you may be forced to pay annually increasing premiums after the level guaranteed period in order to continue the coverage. So you need to carefully evaluate how long you will need life insurance.
We can help you to analyze how much coverage you need simply fill in this Free Quote request form

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance is available from a number of insurers. No medical exam life insurance policies provide the same benefits as plans that require a medical exam without the hassle. No medical exam life insurance are NOT for people with serious health issues such as (but not limited to) AIDS, ARC, HIV, cancer, heart disease, lung disorders, stroke, diabetes, liver disease, mental, psychological or nervous disorders. Every insurance company has differing terms and requirements you must satisfy in order to be eligible for a no medical exam life insurance policy. The best thing to do is request no medical exam life insurance quotes and see what type of life insurance policy you are eligible for and what suits your needs. Receive free, multiple quotes from competitive life insurance vendors today. You may be eligible for no medical exam life insurance, compare and save now!

Universal life insurance is whole life and a form of cash value life insurance where the insurance premiums and amount of coverage are flexible. Generally, after the first-year premiums, additional premiums and coverage can be adjusted at the insured's discretion assuming they are within the boundaries set by the insurance company. Universal life insurance is actually whole life insurance, but more flexible. Generally, you pay a higher premium for this flexibility. Universal life insurance as with whole life insurance has an investment component as well as a death benefit, but the policyholder, has the right to increase or decrease the investment amount.

Universal life insurance policies are attached to short-term interest rates, often making their rate of return higher than whole life, but this also means you're at greater risk when interest rates drop.

Mortgage Term Life Insurance

Mortgage Term Life Insurance covers you for a specified term (from 10 to 30 years, typically). If you die within the term, your beneficiary receives the stated death benefit of the policy. Mortgage Term Insurance normally requires no medical underwriting as well. Mortgage term life insurance is a reducing term life insurance policy which guarantees that if you die your mortgage will be paid in full. The coverage decreases as the mortgage balance declines and it is recommended for the borrower to have a mortgage life insurance policy. Mortgage life insurance provides a safety net for your family should you or your spouse pass away and pays out a guaranteed cash sum during if you die the policy term or are diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live within this period.

Types of Life Insurance:

Permanent Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Cash Value Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance
Single Premium Life Insurance
Variable Life Insurance
Endowment Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Level Term Life Insurance
Child Life Insurance
Decreasing Term Life Insurance
Senior Life Insurance
30 Year Term Life Insurance
No Exam Life Insurance
20 Year Term Life Insurance
Renewable Term Life
10 Year Term Life Insurance
Adjustable Life Insurance
Short Term Life Insurance
Long Term Life Insurance
Return of Premium Life Insurance
Final Expense Insurance
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
Burial Insurance
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
Joint Term Life Insurance
Variable Universal Life Insurance
Joint Life Insurance
Survivorship Life Insurance
First to Die Life Insurance
Second to Die Life Insurance
Cancer Life Insurance
Critical Illness Life Insurance
Medicare Supplements
Joint Whole Life Insurance
Mortgage Life Insurance
Joint Life and Survivor Insurance
Stroke Insurance
Mortgage Term Life Insurance

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